Dream: Part 2

by kuriouskaren


Release of Fears, Freedom, & Acceptance

In the [middle] of my dream, I notice some of my past failed relationships with people, who turned out to be sociopaths and/or narcissistic gold diggers. There is also a malevolent looking jester there. Their behaviour consists of dancing about the manor, while only speaking about themselves or comments that they have – they will only talk to you if it’s an opinion they have about something aesthetic or sensual.

Then, a huge flood breaks through all the manors’ windows and the entire manor breaks down into pieces. The floodwaters take me to a nearby, well lit forest. In that forest, I see flooded train tracks – which I do not follow but cross.

In the [end] of my dream, 50 Cent (for some odd reason) approaches me and tells me he is actually my dad in 50 Cent’s body. He tells me to tell everyone “to fuck off” and do what I want. He then gives me his infamous chinchilla coat to wear and leaves. I wake up.

Symbolism (from dreammoods.com):

Jester: Trivial matters and silly pastimes will divert your attention away from more important issues.

Flood: If the flood is raging, then it represents emotional issues and tensions. Your repressed emotions are overwhelming you. Consider where the flood is for clues as to where in your waking life is causing you stress and tension.

Forest: Signifies a transitional phase. Follow your instincts. Alternatively, it indicates that you want to escape to a simpler way of life.

Railroad tracks: To dream that you are crossing railroad tracks indicates that you are going against the path that others have laid out for you. You are doing your own thing and not what others expect of you.

Gang member (modified): Signifying the need to achieve and accomplish things through force and intimidation.The primitive unruly aspect of yourself.

Fur coat: Indicates the need for attention and your need to be admired.


I find myself being surrounded by shallow, superficial people. They have the same goals as me as being successful in my career and overcoming challenges, but their methods are starkly different and their behaviour is dictated by financial ends. They value material things over people and see them as a means to an end. The flood signifies my overwhelming feelings in that world, and my desire to escape the superficiality and apathetic relationships. I end up in a forest afterwards, because I want a simpler life without all the pressure of living up to other people’s measures of what “success” and “happiness” means for me. I cross the tracks, instead of following it, because my life plans are not considered a “standard path”. My father has been a unique character in my life and has sheltered me a lot and has always told me to do what I really want, if that’s what I felt like pursuing. He comes to me as 50 Cent, because the rapper personifies a tough person who does not let others get in his way of achieving his goals; my father is reminding me of this. He gives me the fur jacket as a token of affection and encouragement to follow my instincts.