Dream 2: Part 2

by kuriouskaren


Patience & Guidance

In the [middle] of my dream, I find myself worming through a foggy maze made of stone covered in moss. As I make my way through the maze, I come across a broken human statue every once in a while. They’re white and made of marble and usually missing limbs or a head. At the [end] of my dream I’m in the middle of the maze and find a sundial. I have a sudden realization that I found what I was looking for, and am instantaneously taken back into my bedroom. I’m standing in front of the paperboard, and draw a red arrow facing Northwest (enclosed in a black circle) onto the board. I wake up.

Symbolism (from dreammoods.com):

Moss: To see moss growing in your dream indicates an extremely slow progress in some project or relationship. You need to be more patient.

Maze: To dream that you are in a maze denotes that you need to deal with a waking task on a more direct level. You are making the situation harder than it really is. Alternatively, the maze symbolizes life’s twists and turns. It represents indecision, confusion, missteps, feeling lost or being misled.

Statue: …Alternatively, it may represent someone you idealize and admire. You are putting someone on a pedestal. Perhaps the dream is analogous to their statuesque and nice figure.

Sundial: To see a sundial in your dream indicates that something in your waking life does not feel quite real. You may be trying to live up to unrealistic expectations or goals.

Arrow: To see an arrow in your dream represents the targets that you are reaching for and the goals you are setting for yourself. Alternatively, the arrow also signifies an end to suffering and the beginning of new-found pleasures and festivities.


It seems like I realize I feel lost and I know I am on a quest to find a purpose in my life. The moss symbolizes that this process is slow and I need to be patient. The broken statues symbolize other people whose lives I admire — their lives just aren’t mine however and they are broken because their life paths do not suit me. I need to find my own to feel satisfied and complete.  The sundial is my own subconscious reflecting upon my current future goals — they are unrealistic where I am at right now and there are no shortcuts. At the end of my dream, I draw a red arrow facing Northwest, because I feel like I am finally finding the path that I want to dedicate myself to, but am not quite there yet. Nearing the right direction though.