Sein Zum Tode

by kuriouskaren

left armFrom Cathy Haase’s Acting for Film (On Sense Memory and Listening – page 47):

“…Those like myself, who were not at Ground Zero that day, will remember it through the mundane sounds of ordinary life – a key in the door, the sound of a voice, the roll of a tractor’s motor. These sounds, and many others, took on extraordinary meaning on a day that will alter our lives for many years to come.  A strange kind of clarity came over me that day. There was a stripping away of what was unimportant; I made choices in the moment as well as for the future. I separated what had meaning from what was essentially meaningless; the world was filled with a sense of immediacy. Every moment became precious, and within the catastrophe around me, I realized how precious life is. Life is a series of moments, perceptions, and choices, but above all, it is painfully short. Life should be lived to the fullest. The present moment is everything.”

I think dreams are reminders for people to live in the present. They help strip away unnecessary details of a person’s life to get at raw thoughts and emotions.