by kuriouskaren


I was reading this article in “The Atlantic” and it struck me as insightful.

The New Sex Education Focuses on Preventing Violence – the trend in instilling the importance of healthy relationships and mutual respect, not just how to use condoms.

In a section of the article, I think there is some good advice hinted at in religious views on love and intimacy. I’m personally not religious and don’t ascribe to being attracted to a specific gender or ethnic background all the time; I find, however, that there is some sound advice to be found in some religions regarding a spiritual connection. I started reading The Jewish Way in Love & Marriage, and liked the article “Romantic Love and the Jewish Concept of Love.”

“The whole world loves a lover, and Judaism does too. In fact, Judaism holds that romantic love, in the proper framework, adds a dimension to life that can come from no other source. But romantic love becomes a very foolish idol when it supplants all other values.”