Met a Lady; Learned a Lesson

by kuriouskaren

“Isis, like Inanna and Ishtar, was all in one: whore, wife, mother, all holy. Apparently worshippers saw no contradiction, no need to exalt one aspect of the goddess (or divine feminine, if you prefer) and debase another. But something happens, some dis-integration.” Elizabeth Cunningham




“I first  heard about Sacred Prostutution a few months before I started university, in an episode of Neil Gaiman and Jill Thompson’s ‘Brief Lives’ storyline in Sandman. The episode, touching on themes that Gaiman would later explore far more fully in American Gods, was at least in part about happens to gods when people stop believing in them. In this case, the Babylonian goddess Astarte, or Ishtar, has been reduced to working in an American strip club, soaking up the ‘worship’ offered her by her drooling clients.” Thirsty Gargoyle