Dream 27 – January 5, 2015

by kuriouskaren


Fear, Anxiety, and Extreme Guilt

I had this very vivid dream last night.

[In the begginning], I was at the top of this skyscraper, at a rooftop party. And when I got into the elevator with two other people, we realized the building was going to fall down. So in order to make it safely to the bottom, we did this odd thing with ropes, where we fastened the elevator to the shaft and kept turning the ropes in circles. To keep momentum going… Like a dreidel. This dream defies the laws of physics in many ways, but whatever…

We make it to the bottom and the building seems to be standing up fine. Apparently you can only tell from the top that the building will crumble soon. A week later I’m walking by the same building on the street, and it just collapses. Blood splatters around me from a dead body falling from a window. It’s reminiscient of 9/11. Horrid.

[In the middle] of my dream, I have a flashback. Of me thinking of that dragon that chased me around my old school. It shatters all the windows and eats people. I remember chasing it outside from the roof and then jumping to safety onto another building’s rooftop. At first it doesn’t see me, but then it does.

[At the end] of my dream I’m back in my adult life where the collapsed building was. I bump into another colleague of mine who was in the elevator shaft with me. I asked them if they called the authorities the night we escaped to warn them. They told me they didn’t and didn’t see the reason why they should have. I’m extremely disappointed and feel guilty and ashamed I didn’t speak out.

Analysis : TBC