Dream 30 – August 22, 2015

by kuriouskaren





[In the begginning], I’m in my old apartment building in Ottawa. Kipling. I was around 16 years old, and it was a time for me that was very relaxed and focused. I had a clear direction in my life and a structured schedule and daily routine. I also had more free time on my hands to experiment with healthy cooking. A few days before, my friend Tamara, won an award at an outdoor festival for something (don’t remember). Tamara is like my younger twin, she’s half asian like me (but she is Indonesian and Polish), her dad is exactly 32 years older than her mom, her mom is her dad’s third wife, and she is exactly 60 years younger than her dad (Chinese element and animal matching = 12 x 5 = 60).

[In the middle] of my dream, I realize I’m in my old apartment because now my acting teacher lives there. She asked me to babysit her cats for her. I notice a Korean folk statue on top of the mirrored cabinet in her bathroom – it’s a wooden Korean tiger. It’s 4am and Miriam comes home and asks if I need a ride home.

[At the end]  she comes in with Tamara and her son Caleb. I wonder why Tamara is there. Tamara is apparently Miriam’s adopted daughter. I’m stunned and a bit jealous at the same time. She drives me home (to where I don’t know).

Analysis : TBC

…It’ll probably be something super emo though. As usual.