March 2016

by kuriouskaren


[In the begginning], I’m in a glass building at night. It’s located on an isolated island and I can’t see the shore. People from my work are all gathered there to celebrate the success of one of the new employee’s accomplishments; one of the partners give him keys to a Jaguar as a gift. I get jealous.

[In the middle] of my dream, one by one people start coming and going off the island. They all take turns using this white plastic key to take a speedboat to shore. I never get the key – neither does a co-worker of mine. I tell him we should stick together and steal the key one night to get off the island (it’s always night there).

[At the end]  my resistance proves futile. I wake up.

Analysis : TBC

…I just don’t feel like I fit in at work. I’m jealous of people’s success and I feel I need a change badly.